National Traffic Management Practice Note

S+SNZ Practice Note & Best Practice Guide for Land Surveying


Waka Kotahi/NZTA are currently implementing changes to the temporary traffic management system in New Zealand and have developed a Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (NZGTTM), which will replace the current Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM).

S+SNZ, in conjunction with CSNZ, LINZ and external traffic management consultants have prepared the following documents

  • Practice Note and Best Practice Guide for Land Surveying
  • Generic Traffic Management Plan Proforma
  • Engineering Exception Decision and TMD’s for submission with above proforma.

The Practice Note is for survey and spatial professionals to implement under the new Guide. It includes a range of activities and requirements based on a risk assessment, as well as a template for Traffic Management Plans which can be used under both the existing Code and proposed Guide. 

The proforma has been set up for the current CoPTTM system by Elise Freeman from Parallaxx, with the yellow highlighted sections being the only sections that can be updated. 

Please note that it is extremely important that no other section of the proforma is altered as it will jeopardise the Parallax consultant's TTMP qualification as an assessor and trainer. RCA, Location details, dates, and contact details should be all that needs to be updated before submission.

Note that any works outside the scope of the proforma will need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis, and in some cases external TTM support may be needed (e.g. popping manholes in the middle of the carriageway is not covered).

Article Reference Survey

Surveying Practice Note

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12 Jul 2022
Surveying Practice Note_07_2022.pdf

Engineering Exception Decision and Traffic Management Diagrams

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12 Jul 2022
Surveying EED + TMDS.pdf

Traffic Management Plan Proforma-Fillable

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10 Oct 2022
PXJ-15652_SSNZ_National Project_PROFORMA_ver 4 - Fillable (1).pdf