Spatial Careers

Spatial Science is about measuring, recording, managing and communicating information about the Earth's surface - land, sea, rivers, lakes, roads and other built structure. (

Spatial professionals deal with information based on location. This information describes the Earth, its physical features on both land, water and man-made environments.

It is a rapidly developing field and people with spatial science skills can end up applying their expertise in many different areas including land development, surveying, engineering, social and health, biological, medicine and earth sciences.

    How to become a spatial professional

    Geospatial professionals usually have a degree in surveying, geography, applied or computer science, digital technology, or a related subject. Taking papers in GIS is usually necessary to become a geospatial professional, and options also include postgraduate studies in GIS. 

    There are several providers of spatial science qualifications in New Zealand including:

    Visit the Careers NZ website to get more information about careers in the Spatial sector and what study will get you there.