Cadastral Law Exam Procedure

To be a surveyor in New Zealand requires an understanding of the law relating to cadastral surveys. The Cadastral Law Examination ensures this knowledge is gained and a pass is required before candidates can sit for their Professional Entrance Examination. It is the first step for candidates wishing to become Licensed Cadastral Surveyors.

Survey and Spatial New Zealand conducts examinations by arrangement with the Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board for the purpose of determining whether persons proposing to apply for a license to conduct cadastral surveys meet the standards set by the Board.

The exams are in two parts: a cadastral law exam, and; professional interviews. As a pre-requisite for the Professional Interviews candidates are required to first pass the Cadastral Law Exam.

The purpose of the exam is to test the candidate’s competency in identifying and applying relevant law in the course of conducting a cadastral survey in accordance with the standards set by the Surveyor-General, and the legislative requirements for the subdivision of land to the extent that they are relevant to cadastral surveying.

In order to test the individual candidate’s competence the June 2019 Cadastral law examination will be a written exam only. There will be no written assignment

To be eligible to sit the Cadastral Law Exam, applicants must hold an approved degree in surveying (e.g BSurv Otago) and have had not less than 10 months post-graduation practical experience in land title in New Zealand at the time applications close.

Step 1: Study! The Young Professionals Network creates study groups for members. Join S+SNZ to know more. If you are a member, but not part of the YP Stream, contact us to update your profile.

Step 2: Pay for the exam at the Upcoming Events tab on our website (keep the receipt number).

Step 3: Register by filling in your registration form online here (you'll need your receipt number).

Step 4: If you are a member, please check and update your profile information online in your Dashboard. It's important to keep your information current to get the most out of your membership.

Step 5: You will receive your candidate information by email, including where the examination will occur and a candidate number. 

Note - Add the address as safe with your email provider to avoid your messages going to your spam folder.

Step 6: Go to the venue on the date and time provided. Bring with you photo ID (eg. driver license or passport) and your candidate entry form.

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