What We Do

Our role

We promote growth, innovation and excellence in all facets of surveying and spatial in New Zealand - our vision is to be a globally respected organisation that sustains innovation and excellence for the benefit of our communities.

Our mission is to provide a home which supports, develops and connects our diverse membership within our values of sustainability, integrity, respect, and community.

Our members are professionals in land development and urban design, resource management, civil engineering surveying, positioning and measurement, cadastral surveying, hydrographic surveying and the spatial sector. Part of our role is to help connect people requiring a survey or spatial professional services with our members.

We have a 130 year history of representing members and still remain today, an incorporated society dedicated to preserving and developing the integrity and status of the sector.

We monitor and maintain the professional and ethical conduct of surveyors in New Zealand.

Tātai Whenua

Tātai Whenua is our gifted Māori name reflecting the primary senses of 'tātai' that are relevant to the work of our members:

  •   to measure
  •   to arrange, set in order, make sense of (tātai aro rangi – rangi meaning sky – is the term used for studying the heavens/sky for guidance in navigation)
  • to join the component parts of something
  •   a plan
  •   a company or group (of people or other things, hence tātai whetū equals ‘cluster of stars, constellation’).

What we do

  • promote and encourage ethical conduct of the profession
  • protect and enhance the integrity and status of the surveying and spatial professions
  • protect and promote the interests of surveying and spatial professions
  • protect and promote the interests of the public in regard to work undertaken by members
  • promote greater awareness of the value and benefits of surveying and spatial information
  • promote careers in surveying and spatial information
  • provide opportunities for the acquisition and communication of knowledge
  • advocate on land law, surveying and spatial issues
  • identify, inform and influence decision makers on national and community issues.

Regional support

We have 16 regional branches supporting members through:

  • professional streams and special interest groups
  • a CEO and National Office based in Wellington, NZ
  • an elected President and Council
  • an operational Board reporting to the Council.

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The Unitas crest has been used since the incorporation of the NZ Institute of Surveyors - it represents unity of members.