S+SNZ Annual Conference 

Survey and Spatial NZ’s Annual Conference is the biggest CPD event of the year. It invites sharing of knowledge amongst surveying and spatial peers, bringing together networking opportunities for all delegates. It is an essential event for your professional development and connectivity to the sector.

2023 Dunedin Conference

Conference Theme: Marking the Journey, Hāpaia

The chosen theme for this year’s conference is titled 'Marking the Journey, Hāpaia’. Our theme relates to the journey of surveying and spatial professionals throughout their career - the journey of a project through to completion, the journey of data from capture to deliverables, and the professional development journey and of course, coming full circle back to the University of Otago School of Surveying which will be celebrating its 60th anniversary.

2022 Rotorua Conference

Conference Theme: Turning Up The Heat

With the changing environment and economic impact caused by COVID-19 we’ve all experienced changes we couldn’t have imagined in our lives over the past two years.

With our conference theme, Turning Up The Heat we are now focussing on the future. Rotorua is a great conference location and we will aim to discuss challenges in regional areas, which include climate change and developments outside of Auckland.

2021 Auckland Conference

Conference Theme: Building Back Better

We've all experienced changes we couldn’t have imagined in our lives over the past year, and our 2021 conference theme is on-point - we will be drawing on the ability of individuals and teams adapting to change, adversity, and setbacks in the current environment. The ‘Building Back Better’ conference program will include presentations on rebuilding and improving the economy, with a focus on resilient mindsets to support our members while they navigate the challenges and changes ahead. By sharing concepts, ideas, and knowledge, we all have opportunities to help build back the survey and spatial sector.

2019 Auckland Conference

Conference theme: Shaping Tomorrow's Communities

In a rapidly evolving external environment we are positioning ourselves for the future.

We are a very diverse group of professionals and we all make important contributions to the built environment. Working together helps us all remain at the cutting-edge of technology. Everything we do in communities, rural and urban, is shaped by the expertise of surveying and spatial professionals somewhere along the way.

By sharing concepts, ideas and knowledge we all have outstanding opportunities ahead to create more robust communities throughout New Zealand. 

2018 Nelson Conference

Conference Theme: Ambitious, Diverse, Connected

 The Surveying and Spatial profession aspires to build a better world for future generations. We are ambitious and experiencing profound and diverse changes in data capture and utilisation, and this is what we do. Showcasing projects and connecting members with the skills they need is what this conference is about.

2017 Napier Conference

2013 Dunedin Conference

  • Download the joint NZIS-SIRCNZ Proceedings below.