Emotional Intelligence - Recorded Webinar


Ever wondered what Emotional intelligence or EQ is about ? It is widely recognised that EQ particularly the ability to build and maintain effective relationships is at least as important for business and personal success as IQ, which measures thinking and reasoning skills. Find out why being intelligent about emotions, ones own and those of others is so important.

Register for this interesting and useful programme that explains the concept of emotional intelligence, and provides the practical skills to enhance ones emotional intelligence in five key areas.

Presented by: Willem Knibbeler, a business consultant specialising in strategy and leadership development, conflict resolution and mediation. Willem has a Masters Degrees in Business Administration (MBA), in International Relations (MIR) and in Management (MMgt) and is accredited in the use of various internationally recognised psychometric instruments. He is a senior facilitator for the New Zealand Institute of Management (Inc) and a coach at Coaching Confidence Wellington.

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  • 01/01/2022 - 01/01/2025
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