Health and Safety Reform - Webinar


Webinar Overview:

This webinar is a recording of a Health and Safety reform seminar held in November 2015. The seminar covered the following topics:

  • H & S reform timeline

  • Critical new /strengthened H & S concepts

  • Obligations and requirements for: PCBU’s, officers and workers.

  • PCBU - (PCBU means a person conducting a business or undertaking: whether the person conducts a business or undertaking alone or with others; and whether or not the business or undertaking is conducted for profit or gain).

  • Sphere of influence – linked to nature of business or undertaking and not limited by employment or commercial contract.

  • Safety in design – whole of life

  • Focus on occupational health – especially asbestos

  • Lone/remote working

  • Move from hazard to risk

  • Worker participation

  • New penalties (not just financial)

  • Case studies (2x 20 minutes) of how this will impact on companies.

  • The SME governance perspective.

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