Maritime and Marine Spatial - Webinar

Recorded conference session

Maritime and Marine Spatial

Chair: Mr. Peter Barr, Australia

Rapporteur: Mr. Richard Cullen, New Zealand

Ralf Becker, Stefan Herle, Rainer Lehfeldt, Peter Fröhle, Jürgen Jensen, Till Quadflieg, Holger Schüttrumpf and Jörg Blankenbach (Germany): Distributed and Sensor Based Spatial Data Infrastructure for Dike Monitoring (8000).

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Andrew Price (New Zealand):

Bathymetric LiDAR within the Nearshore environment (8161)

Alex Cowdery, Nathan Quadros and Luke Chamberlain (Australia):

Acquiring 3D Samoa to Increase Climate Resilience (8169)

Yves Pastol (France), Luke Chamberlain and Mark Sinclair (Australia): Airborne Bathymetric LiDAR and Coastal Zone Management in French Polynesia (8170)

Reha Metin Alkan, I. Murat Ozulu and Veli Ilci (Turkey): Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Technique versus Network RTK GNSS (8258)

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  • 01/01/2020 - 01/01/2025
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