S+SNZ General Councillor Vacancy

  • 21 January 2022
  • Ashley Church, CE
  • Online and occasional Wellington meetings

About the job


Be the Voice of Members

(Must be a Voting member of Survey and Spatial New Zealand)

We are looking for applications for a General Councillor to join the S+SNZ Council. This is a rewarding role with multiple benefits - it provides an opportunity to shape the future of the organisation and to ensure that members' expectations are met. You will be supporting the objectives for growth, innovation and excellence in the surveying and spatial professional environment and to reach this end, the role requires a person who is representative of the sector with a healthy awareness of current driving forces for the profession.

As a member of the Council you will be responsible to the membership for the long-term health and prosperity of S+SNZ, in accordance with the organisation's rules, plans and Letter of Expectation to the Board.

We are looking for someone with the following areas of expertise to make a valuable contribution to the Council:

  • Previous governance experience
  • A strong leadership background
  • Mana within the sector.

See the full General Councillor Position Description.

The appointment will take place in accordance with S+SNZ rules with the term of appointment being for two years, with a maximum of three consecutive terms allowed. If required, an electronic vote will take place with full members.

All applications are confidential and must contain an applicant’s CV. Please email your application to
admin@surveyspatialnz.org by 21 January 2022.

For further information please contact admin@surveyspatialnz.org with 'General Councillor Vacancy' as the subject.