Michael Oberdries

Michael has an extensive background in the provision of spatial data solutions in a career that spans over 25 years. Since 2001 Mike has been consulting to business on location intelligence problems and is especially interested in complex spatial data analytics, spatial data interoperability, and application integration challenges.

His work experience crosses a wide range of industry sectors including geo-marketing, utilities, transport and logistics, local government, land and environmental information systems, asset management systems, forestry, and GIS in tertiary education provision and research.

Michael is passionate about solving problems in the spatial domain and possesses a wide conceptual and applied knowledge of geographic information science, combined with an excellent understanding of the spatial information marketplace and supporting infrastructures in New Zealand.

He holds an MSc in Environmental Science (Canterbury - 1st Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Surveying (Otago). He is a Registered Professional Surveyor (RPSurv), a GIS Professional - Asia Pacific (GISP-AP), an FME Certified Professional and an FME Flow Certified Professional.

Michael is an expert in the application of Safe Software’s 'FME Form' and 'FME Flow' platforms; has wide experience with open-source geospatial platforms; has extensive experience with Esri geodatabase design, implementation and integration; brings considerable geospatial consultancy experience; and has deep technical knowledge in geodesy and geographic information science.