President's Update April 2019

  • 01 May 2019

President's Update April 2019

Kia ora

I am very pleased to share some exciting developments with you.

The most encouraging is our very first ‘Letter of Expectations’. Following last year’s rule changes - confirmed at the AGM - Council were required to ensure the Board had clarity on members’ expectations around priorities for the next financial year.

To do this, council members explored the issues currently facing our sector and what opportunities we anticipate will arise in the near future. We did this analysis under the general themes of growth, advocacy, relationships and diversity. The letter was finalised during our Council face-to-face meeting in late March. I believe this letter will provide an informed and robust base for S+SNZ’s business planning while allowing the Board the necessary freedom to determine how to best implement those plans. Read the Letter of Expectations.

Work Planning Template for Streams and Divisions

Finalising the Letter of Expectations allows us to realign our business and work plans, taking a 'bottom-up' approach to our planning that reflects the LoE. Members are encouraged to be more involved with streams so the work plans reflect what members need and want. And of course, this is where every member’s contribution can really make a difference. Focusing our limited resources on key priorities so we can collectively have a greater impact means some tough decisions including delaying or saying no to some things.

A new work planning template has been prepared for Streams and Divisions. The purpose of this initiative is to help provide direction and accountability and make reporting easier. The template has been distributed to all stream and division leads. The template will also be used for planning purposes and will help us to identify where our resources will be best directed throughout the year. In future, the template will be made also available and tailored to other groups such as committees, branches and special interest groups.

Certification Pathways

Following discussions on what ‘certification’ might look like with stakeholders at the Stakeholder Workshop last year, there has been a re-focus on the stream with the immediate need which is Engineering Surveying. The Positioning and Measurement and Engineering Surveying streams have been working together on a ‘certification pathway’ for engineering surveyors. There is a lot of work to do and once complete will provide a pathway for people coming into the sector, who may not wish to seek a tertiary qualification, to build a portfolio of technical experience towards reaching a point of technical ‘competency’. It may then allow technically competent members to progress to professional recognition.

Aligned with professional regulation, the processes for the Examinations Panel who are responsible for conducting the Professional Entrance and Cadastral Law examinations have been reviewed. This work should make it easier for the examiners and their succession.

RPSurv Accepted by Watercare

This is an important development for members working in the Auckland region. The advanced competency of members with RPSurv distinction is now accepted by Watercare. This is due to the advocacy efforts of Andrew Blackman, Daniel Williams, Andrew Stirling and Ross Thurlow. This recognition is great news for all members, as it provides a strong example that can influence other authorities.

2019 Conference

I’m excited about the conference which is happening next week – it is not too late to register. Registration numbers are looking excellent with over 300 registrations. The National Technical Committee has once again done an outstanding job of pulling together a full programme reflecting the future-focused theme and which I’m sure will give delegates a new perspective on how we can all play a part in shaping tomorrow’s communities with our work.

Council is encouraging business owners and managers to send their staff and young professionals to the conference. By attending, it gives them the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of topics and new thinking from experienced national and international speakers. We have offered a special registration rate for our YPs which includes the Young Professional’s lunch.

See you in Auckland!

Nga Mihi

Rebecca Strang, President