Otago Survey School Graduates in Hot Demand

  • 23 August 2021

Otago Survey School Graduates in Hot Demand

Graduates from the School of Surveying are in hot demand this year with job advertisements taking up a lot of wall space around the School and even overflowing into the tea room. The students are highly regarded and sought after in New Zealand and Australia due to both the breadth and depth of coursework and field experience during their 3 or 4 year degree programme. Opportunities in land development, engineering, cadastral surveying and hydrography are all advertised this year, and graduates are capable of working across the increasingly diverse surveying and spatial profession. 

Some graduates go on to work in what some might think of as the ‘traditional’ surveying areas such as cadastral surveying, where graduates must understand land law and the property system and how to establish legal boundaries.  Others become engineering surveyors, involved in roading, tunnelling, drainage and other construction design, management and monitoring. Spanning these areas of specialisation, graduates understand resource management and urban design, making them vital in the current housing boom as well in longer-term planning for sustainable and liveable cities.  

Other students work with remote measurements taken from space, planes, drones, cars or boats to capture "reality" in four dimensions, both on the land and under the sea, and then analyse and visualise it using spatial techniques (including specialist Geographic Information Systems or GIS). In their final year of study, all graduates develop project management and professional ethics skills to round off their studies. 

The School is grateful for the contributions that firms -- small and large -- make to ensuring an excellent recruiting season. We aim to facilitate a process that is fair to both firms and (soon-to-be) graduates.

Kia rawa atu koutou, thank you to everybody involved.

In the photo exploring the job opportunities are final year students (from right to left) : Raksha Kumar, Devon Allen, Patric Truebridge, Matt McMaster, Tom Scoles and Ken Wang.