Canterbury Peg Awarded

  • 09 November 2021

Canterbury Peg Awarded

Dave Robinson awarding the Canterbury Peg to Maurice Perwick on the right.

Congratulations go to Maurice Perwick who is the well deserved recipient of the Canterbury Peg for his outstanding services to the profession.  Maurice's full citation can be read here

The Canterbury Branch award the Canterbury Peg each year to a  member for their extraordinary service and achievements. Recipients are recognised for their dedication, leadership, excellence and ethical conduct for the benefit of both the community and the profession. The chosen recipients fit the following criteria: 

  • Outstanding performance and achievement beyond the norm.
  • Outstanding innovation or technical expertise.
  • Committee or representative service to the surveying profession.
  • Inspirational leadership.
  • Contribution to significant projects.
  • Contribution to the training of younger members of the profession.
  • Contribution to Continuing Professional Development.
  • Having made a lasting difference to the surveying profession.
  • Contribution to the raising of the profile of the surveying profession in the region.
  • Respect and held in the highest regard by their peers.