CSNZ is a division of S+SNZ catering to the needs of business owners and managers of survey practices in New Zealand. Directors of a company or shareholders with full voting rights are automatically eligible to join. Branch Managers are also eligible with the approval of members in the area in which the applicant practices. You must also be a fully paid-up voting member of S+SNZ.

CSNZ focuses on the business needs and issues of its members and is particularly relevant to new directors joining an existing practice or someone starting up their own business.

CSNZ Documents

The division has many experienced members who lend support and give advice on business matters. Many helpful documents are available such as model Terms of Engagement, Manual of Practice, Employment Toolkit, Engineering Certificates.

Annual Workshop

The division runs a very successful annual workshop over three days. This is an excellent opportunity to socialise with fellow surveyors, discuss business issues with others in similar size practices in different parts of the country and offers good learning opportunities for participants.

Joining CSNZ

To join CSNZ, complete an Application Form (also see below). For more information about the division, contact the Secretary, Wendy Sheedy or any member of the Management Committee. Download the application form below.

CSNZ Contacts

Management Committee

Address: CSNZ Secretary, P O Box 41064, Lower Hutt, Wellington 5013