Cadastral Survey of the Year Award

The Cadastral Survey of the Year Award recognises the outstanding cadastral surveys that have been carried out by cadastral surveyors. Launched in 2015 the inaugural winning entries were as follows:



Tony Nikkel for DP 461455

A land transfer survey to complete a large boundary adjustment involving very old survey work, poor definition information, large miscloses, errors in underlying work and in difficult hilly terrain covered mostly in bush.

The Judging panel believed this survey stood out due to it being an exceptional example of good survey practice, with thorough reporting and excellent attention to detail.


Brian Curtis for SO 460481

A complex and innovative three-dimensional legalisation survey of the replacement Newmarket Viaduct; comprising over 200 parcels with inclined air space parcels and a subterranean tubular easement.

The Judging panel rated this survey highly due to its high complexity and innovative use of technology.


Stuart Wallace and Tony Nikkel for DP 466668

A land transfer survey to remove limitations from a limited title that had one boundary, in particular, that was significantly incorrectly represented in Landonline.

The Judging panel believed this survey was carried out using exceptional investigation, research and innovation to determine the water boundary location. They were also impressed with the good survey practice, thorough reporting and excellent communication with LINZ.

The Cadastral Stream would like to encourage surveyors to submit their top cadastral surveys into next year’s awards and gain the recognition they deserve.

  • View dataset and images here.