Spatial careers

Spatial Science is about measuring, recording, managing and communicating information about the Earth's surface - land, sea, rivers, lakes, roads and other built structure. (

Spatial professionals deal with information based on location. This information describes the Earth, its physical features on both land, water and man-made environments.

It is a rapidly developing field and people with spatial science skills can end up applying their expertise in many different areas including land development, surveying, engineering, social and health, biological, medicine and earth sciences.

How to become a spatial professional

Futureintech provides information on technology, engineering, surveying and spatial sciences careers. Find out about spatial job roles, what subjects to study, how to study and the industries needing spatial science expertise.

Spatial career information:

Geospatial Revolution – Penn State

Canterbury University – College of Science, Geography

Auckland University – School of Environment

University of Otago – School of Surveying, Spatial Sciences

Victoria University - School of Geography, Environment and earth Sciences

Penn State University.

Surveying careers

If you like variety, challenges and a mixture of outside and inside work, you might enjoy being a surveyor. Land surveyors gather information for land development and work out boundaries. Cadastral surveyors are specially licensed land surveyors who would conduct land title surveys. Hydrographic surveyors measure and map the location of land features under water.

Surveyors generally have an aptitude for maths and enjoy the outdoors and adventure. Many surveying jobs can be physically demanding and require a good level of fitness. Being practical and having a problem-solving approach are valuable assets for any surveyor.

Surveyors work with high-tech instruments such as GPS (global positioning systems) and robotic laser scanners to collect measurements. They use advanced calculation and drawing software to process measurements into spatial information.

Surveying career information:

Otago Survey School 


Toi Ohomai


Surveying activity brochures.

What it's like being a surveyor

View following four video clips that explain what a career in surveying is like.

Hydrography as a career

The following video has been produced and published by RiAus ( National science hub) and SSSI Hydrography Commission National Committee (HCNC).