Professional Examination Procedure


The Professional Examination was developed to ensure candidates have the required practical experience and assess candidates’ suitability for membership of a professional body. 

Step 1: Join S+SNZ and become part of the Young Professionals Network to help you prepare for the examinations. If you are a member, but not part of the YP Stream, contact us to update your profile.

Step 2: Pay for the exam at the Tickets and Events tab on our website (keep the receipt number).

Step 3: Register by filling in your registration form online here (you'll need your receipt number).

Step 4: If you are a S+SNZ member, please check and update your profile information online in your Dashboard. It's important to keep your information current to get the most out of your membership.

Note - To avoid emails from ''  going into your spam folder, add the address as a safe email address with your email provider. 

Step 5: After successful registration, you will receive an application pack+ that will be mailed to the address provided on the form, so that you will then be able to submit your projects.

+Your application pack will contain:

  • A welcome letter;
  • 5 Application covers for your projects, colour-coded by subject;
  • 5 Diary covers, colour-coded by subject;
  • A postal sticker with tracking number to submit your projects.

Step 6: Check that your projects meet the technical requirements as set out in the Annual Circular.

Step 7: Submit your projects to the S+SNZ Examinations Office before the closing date, using the postal sticker provided. No projects will be accepted after the closing date. 

Please submit your projects by mail  - we will not accept any projects delivered in person due to tracking requirements. 

Step 8: Projects will be vetted by S+SNZ to confirm eligibility. The Examinations Chairperson will contact you if further information about your project is needed and to confirm you are eligible for the professional interview.

Step 9: Your interview timetable and venue details will be sent to you (see map below).

Step 10: Be there at the date and time provided. Candidates assemble 8am on the day with the Exam finishing at 6:30pm, after the results meeting.

If you have questions or want to interact with other candidates: