Professional Examinations

S+SNZ Examinations Panel

The S+SNZ Examination Panel is responsible for setting and carrying out examinations (on behalf of the Cadastral Survey Licensing Board) to become a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

For exam enquiries please email:

There are two sets of examinations:

Exam Dates

Professional Examination 2019 (April / November)

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April 2019 | Key dates:

  • 7 December - Closing date to request exemptions
  • 10 December - Registration opens
  • 11 February - Registration closes
  • 15 February - Closing date for submission of projects to the S+SNZ Examinations Office
  • 11 March - Timetables sent to eligible candidates to sit the Professional Examinations
  • 8 April - Professional Examinations
  • 9 April - Professional Examinations

November 2019 | Key dates:

  • TBC

Cadastral Law Examination 2019

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Key dates: 

  • TBC

Resources for exam entrants

Demystifying the Annual Circular