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Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certification Framework

Welcome to Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certification Framework.

The framework provides a recognised professional pathway for members at all levels by developing, implementing, and maintaining, a Certification Framework and Programme, with clear eligibility criteria, a public register and mandatory Continuing Professional Development.

The framework is supported by a robust renewal process and quality management system (QMS).

Applications are now being accepted and are open exclusively to S+SNZ members.

Questions and Answers

Yes, you do have to be a paid S+SNZ Member, however, you don’t have to be a Full/Voting Member to apply for Certification. Both Associate and Voting Members can apply to get certified.

Applications are now open for members of Survey and Spatial NZ.

The Apply Now button only appears when a member is logged into the website. It will show up on the Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor and Certified Professional Land Development Engineer pages once you are logged in as a member. The application itself is all online. There will be clear instructions on the website and in a Candidate Guide.

Yes - the Candidate Guides can be found on their respective Certification pages.

Certified Professional Land Development Engineer (CPLDEng) and Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor (CPESurv) Fee Schedule – Special Promotional Launch Rates (valid July 2023 – July 2025)

  • $1950+GST: Application for Certified Professional Land Development Engineer OR Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor (includes the first Annual Practising Certificate plus the first Certificate of Competency)
  • $360+GST: Requisition Fee (payable by candidates who are requisitioned – candidate has 3 months from the date of being requisitioned, to submit further requirements as requested by the Assessor Panel)

Yes. We have set up a dedicated email address for all enquiries regarding Certification. We welcome all questions and feedback.

No you do not have to have a LinkedIn account in order to apply for Certification. You do have to submit a CV as part of your application and for those who do not have a current CV, we simply suggest that if they have a LinkedIn account, it is perfectly okay to go into LinkedIn and click in their settings to export to a PDF, which comes out in a great CV style. This can be a great time saver.

Yes you can. The Certification of Professional Engineering Surveying Competence is open to those who have come from either a vocational education background OR a university background. In general, 5 years experience working in engineering surveying is recommended before applying to become certified.

To date, we are actively working with Local Authorities around the country to encourage adoption of the S+SNZ Certification standards. This list will be updated as new territories are added, however it is important that S+SNZ launch the Certification Programme to members and have the process up and running so we can confirm to Local Authorities that the programme is operational and not just a proposal.

Auckland Council has officially approved the S+SNZ Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor (CPESurv) for sign-off as per the CPESurv Competence Standard.

The official notification is as follows:

‘Council is satisfied that the Certified Professional Engineering Surveyors will be listed on the S+SNZ website and Council Staff will just need to check if they are registered and have the correct competency – Annual Practising Certificate CPESurv.’

While Local Authority endorsement is an important part of the role of Certification, going forward, the purpose of these qualifications is also to establish a benchmark by which members can demonstrate professional competency to clients and stakeholders. Critical to the purpose of these qualifications and their relevance to external stakeholders, members are required to renew their certification every 4 years to confirm that they are maintaining their competency in their specialist areas.

No. RPSurv will continue as a distinct and separate qualification and is required in a number of Local Authorities territories around the country. However, we will move to harmonise the process by which RPSurv is attained over the next two years.

Certified members are required to achieve 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development in each membership year. This will be audited, commencing 1 July 2023.

This is up to the applicant. Once you have paid the fee, you gain access to the application form and you have up to 12 months to complete your application.

The application form is online and you simply upload your evidence into it and you can save and continue as many times as you want before submitting.

Tip: As a back-up and to make it easier, write all your self-evaluations in a word document so you can just copy and paste the content over into the online application form. Always read the Candidate Guide and the Competency Docs for help. You can find them on the respective certification pages: