Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor

Survey and Spatial NZ Certification of Professional Engineering Surveying

Purpose Statement

The Survey and Spatial NZ Certification of Professional Engineering Surveying Competence is formal recognition by Survey and Spatial New Zealand of those who have been assessed against a defined set of professional and technical competencies which meet standards and technical sign off criteria required by private and public asset owners,Territorial and Local Authorities and other such entities.

The Annual Practising Certificate as a Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor sets a quality benchmark for the industry to maintain public confidence across the following areas:

  • Earthworks, Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Access, Roading and Transportation
  • 3 Waters (Stormwater Management, Wastewater Management, Potable Water)
  • Utilities (Energy and Communication)
  • Construction (Residential, Infrastructure, Commercial.

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How to Apply

Before clicking on the apply now button, it is essential that all Candidates watch this short video guide on how to apply APPLY NOW -VIDEO GUIDE.

The Reference links below give a Candidate’s Referees access to a Reference Form which needs to be filled in. Candidates should direct their Referees to the Reference Form links. See Candidate Guide for how many References are required.

Reference Forms

If you have been requested to complete a reference on behalf of a S+SNZ member who has applied for certification, please use the following forms:

Competence Standard

This Certification recognises prior learning and current competency to the standard required to sign (but not limited to):[1]

    • A component of As-Built Drawings, verifying that the position (vertical and horizontal) of all features (including Stormwater and Wastewater) is a true and accurate representation of an XXX site/project.
    • A Set-Out/Siting Certificate to confirm that buildings and other assets have been set out in terms of the consented plans.
    • The Positional accuracy of a Monitoring system/regime
    • That Material Quantity Calculations are accurate, and a true representation of the material(s) moved.

[1] This Certification assesses to the standards required and recommended by (but not limited to): the LINZ Utility Location Standard, NZS 4404 (2010), the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Resource Management Act (RMA).

Applications are now open exclusively to S+SNZ members.


Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor (CPESurv) Fee Schedule – Special Promotional Launch Rates (valid July 2023 – July 2025)

  • $1950+GST: Application for Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor (includes the first Annual Practising Certificate plus the first Certificate of Competency)
  • $360+GST: Requisition Fee (payable by candidates who are requisitioned – candidate has 3 months from the date of being requisitioned, to submit further requirements as requested by the Assessor Panel)