Need a surveyor or spatial professional?

Why Call a Spatial Professional?

If you need anything done with land surveying, precise measurement, boundary identification or location and GIS you need a surveyor or spatial professional.

Surveyors provide accurate, precise and up-to-date information and data on location, boundaries, topography and legal descriptions of land. Their professional skills make them ideal people to prepare and project manage land development and resource consent applications for subdivision and other land and property related projects.

Surveyors and spatial professionals are experienced in working in multi-disciplinary situations and know how to work with a wide range of land related agents, including landowners, property developers and their advisors-lawyers, real estate agents, architects-building and landscape, engineers and planners. 

Only licensed surveyors are under the jurisdiction of the Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board of NZ.

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Licensed Cadastral Surveyors

Only Licensed Cadastral Surveyors are qualified to certify the legal plans required to define property boundaries for a 'Certificate of Title' to issue.

If you need to get your property boundaries defined, these are the specialists to call for expertise about land ownership and boundaries - called 'cadastral' surveying.

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Registered Professional Surveyors (RPSurv)

These are surveyors who have gained an S+SNZ certification ensuring your surveying project will be carried out according to the rigorous standards set by S+SNZ.

To gain this certification, a surveyor must be able to demonstrate an advanced level of competency and be academically qualified. Read more.

Spatial Science

Spatial science is a rapidly developing field where location based information is applied in many different areas. It incorporates measurement, management, analysis and presentation of location based information describing the ground, its physical features on both land and water, and our man-made environment.

People with spatial skills can end up applying their expertise in many different areas including land development, surveying, engineering, social and health, biological, medicine and earth sciences. Read more about spatial projects at NZ Spatial Excellence Awards.