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Join Survey and Spatial New Zealand in two easy steps:

Step 1: Register online and create your log in and password.

Step 2: Fill out the online application form to choose your membership type and complete your professional profile.

Professionals - You must attach your Curriculum Vitae and copies of qualification to your online application.

Students - You must attach your Student ID or Confirmation of Enrolment to your online application.

This is an initial application only – you may be asked to supply more information.

Documents that will help explain membership requirements:

For assistance with your application, contact S+SNZ National Office.

Upgrading from Associate to Voting Member

To upgrade your membership complete the online Join Now form ensuring you enter 'Upgrade' in the ‘Promotional Code if Applicable’ field as you go through the form (or enter the promotional code if you have already been supplied one). 

Overseas Membership Applications

Registration for overseas members includes an administration fee of NZ$200 - this fee needs to be paid before your application proceeds. If your application is accepted, we will deduct this amount from your normal membership fee. If your application is unsuccessful, this fee will not be refunded. You must create your log in and password by registering so you can complete your application. 

Include information on your professional qualifications and experience with your application (you can attach a copy of your Curriculum Vitae or Resume to your online application). 

Moving to New Zealand

Many spatial professionals have moved to New Zealand and find their skills highly valued and transferable. If you are considering this move, first visit for entry to New Zealand requirements.

Overseas Qualifications

If you are an immigrant and you want to become a licensed surveyor in New Zealand, you can apply to the Cadastral Survey Licensing Board. They will advise you on the process and payment fee and if necessary, how to obtain a technical qualification comparison if you have a survey qualification obtained at an overseas institution. These are provided by the Bureau for the Assessment of Overseas Qualifications (BAOQ), which operates under the Committee of Reciprocating Boards of Surveyors for Australia and New Zealand. 

 Send your request to:

The Secretary
Cadastral Survey Licensing Board
P O Box 12 241
Wellington 6144
New Zealand.

Consulting Surveyors of New Zealand (CSNZ)

CSNZ is a division of the S+SNZ for members within a practice in New Zealand. To join CSNZ you must be a full NZIS member and a practising surveyor.

For subscription details and membership inquiries, contact the Secretary:

Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board (CSLB)

To gain a license to undertake cadastral surveys in New Zealand (pursuant to Sections 22 and 23 of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002) you must satisfy the Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board requirements.

S+SNZ Examinations Committee manages the qualification process required by the CSLB to obtain a Licence to Undertake Cadastral Surveys. For information on the examinations you are required to pass, go to the Professional Entrance Exam page.