Otago School Of Surveying Graduate Recruitment and Interviewing

  • 22 June 2020


Due to the impact that Covid-19 has had, the School of Surveying wants to make sure that all potential employers are aware of the support we are able to provide as you prepare for advertising and interviewing during the graduate recruitment period for 2020.

The advertisement period has been scheduled to occur from July 20 to July 31.  We ask that all advertising posters be sent to the School as an A4 Word or PDF document.  Each advertisement will be posted as a hard copy on the employment board and will be circulated to all final year students via email.  The School can facilitate any other form of advertisement, such as company presentations or online video presentations, but these must occur outside of normal lecture times.

If any employer wants to advertise any vacation employment positions at the same time then the School will make sure that all relevant students are aware of these opportunities.  

The graduate interview period has been scheduled to occur from August 10 to August 21.  As has been done in previous years, the School of Surveying is able to assist by organising the interview schedule.  For those employers that are unable to be in Dunedin, the School will facilitate video interviews (ideally via the Zoom Meeting system).  Alternatively, the School will provide interview space for anyone that wishes to interview students in person.  Any company presentation or event during this time will also have to occur outside of normal lecture times. 

Fiona Webster remains the first point of contact for employers and will answer enquiries, receive and post advertisements and organise space for presentations and interviews.  At the completion of the advertising period, Fiona will organise the interview schedule.  Fiona can be contacted email at surveying@otago.ac.nz, with Attn: Fiona in the subject line, or by phone at (03) 479 7585.