Surveying+Spatial Magazine October 2021

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Surveying+Spatial Magazine June 2021

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Nepalese Surveyors Get Support to Measure Mt Everest

Geodesist Dr Chris Pearson has taken a lead role in New Zealand’s MFAT Head of Mission Fund project by providing Nepal’s Department of Survey with training and expertise to undertake the work themselves.


Engineering and Positioning & Measurement Workshop, 16 April 21

View the presentations from the workshop held 16 April 2021 in Auckland.


Surveying+Spatial Magazine March 2021

Read issue 104 of our Surveying+Spatial magazine.


GIS Mapping with Maori Groups & Community Projects

GIS mapping tools can help Māori groups visualise their connections to the land, communicate
stories, and gather knowledge about a group’s history, the landscape and its
natural resources.


2021 Newsletter

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Legislative Case Notes

Case summaries from Thomson Reuter's "Your Environment".


Kairūri Community Trust Update

GSI Insurance Partners, long term supporters of the Kairūri Community Trust, have once again shown their dedicated support for the future of the survey and spatial sector with a very generous donation of $11,500.

  • 22 December 2020