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2019 Annual Report

Land Title Surveys in New Zealand

Content includes historical descriptions, details of land title surveying including specific chapters relating to limited titles, water boundaries, the effect of ground movement on titles, certification issues related to building envelopes, cross-lease, strata and unit titles as well as many other topics.

New Zealand Surveyor Journal


A technical, refereed journal published by S+SNZ containing material of an academic and technical nature. It includes a variety of papers covering recent legislative reforms, research, technology advances and conference papers support continuing professional development of Members.

(Formerly: Journal of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors; Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. : New Zealand Institute of Surveyors. ISSN: 0048-0150.)

Contact the journal editor - editor.new.zealand.surveyor@gmail.com

Surveying+Spatial Magazine

A quarterly magazine published by S+SNZ generally in March, June, September and December each year. (ISSN2382-1604)

Contact the magazine editor - surveyingspatial@gmail.com


A monthly online newsletter emailed to members.

Contact - admin@surveyspatialnz.org