2019 Note from the Examinations Committee

Tēnā koutou katoa

Survey and Spatial New Zealand has created a Laws and Regulations Panel (the Panel) for the purposes of competence testing as set out in the Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board of New Zealand Standards for Licensing dated April 2013. The Panel is a regulatory testing body and is responsible for conducting the examinations currently known as the Cadastral Law Examination (the Exam). Candidates and employers are encouraged to ensure candidates are well prepared for the examinations.

Learning and applying the law relating to land begins at university. It continues when the candidate begins their working career. The more the candidate can learn in the workplace the better prepared for the Exam they will be. The candidates should be working towards being familiar with all relevant Acts that surveyors come across in their work.

Studying for the Exam is not about just studying the Acts and regulations that are advised in the preview of the Exam. A thorough knowledge in all relevant Acts and regulations is expected from all Licensed Cadastral Surveyors (LCS). If candidates are unfamiliar with what Acts are relevant then they should discuss this with their LCS.

Studying for the Exam is something that should not be left till the time the Acts and regulations are published through till the Exam. A candidate needs to allocate time to studying for the exam on top of their work commitments just as LCS undertakes professional development outside of work hours.

The Exam is at a level that all LCSs should be able to undertake and pass. All legislation, rules and standards are publicly available. The Exam is set by knowledgeable practising surveyors and is independently moderated before finalising.

The Young Professionals (YPs) group communicates with the Examinations Committee and has a representative on the Committee. The YPs have made various requests on behalf of their members to make format changes to the Exam which the Committee has taken on board.

The S+SNZ streams and the Young Professionals group need to provide support to the candidates preparing for the Exam. The candidates that spend time attending study sessions tend to do better.

The CSLB set standards for all licensed cadastral surveyors. The Exam is used to test the level of competence to meet the standards required by CSLB. All candidates and licensed cadastral surveyors should meet the standards set by CSLB.

Ngā mihi nui

Russell Benge - Examinations Committee Council Representative

Kevin Taylor - Chairperson Laws and Regulations Panel