First Ever Global Surveyors' Day Happening Tomorrow 21 March 2018

  • 19 March 2018

First Ever Global Surveyors' Day Happening Tomorrow 21 March 2018

Media Release

Often unobserved and invisible to the public, highly skilled specialists in surveying and location mapping provide the foundation for every economic and personal activity we undertake - the roads we drive on to the houses we live in, the power in our homes and the maps we use on our phones are all dependent on location - the expertise of the surveyor and spatial professional.

Their precise measurement underpins every big infrastructure and land development project. The Sky Tower in Auckland is straight due to precise measurement, rescue workers were kept safe after the Christchurch earthquake due to ‘around the clock’ monitoring of building movement by surveyors; Kaikoura is being rebuilt based on precise measurement and mapping of the new coastline.

Michelle Bain, NZIS Board member says “Even helping to resolve the current housing crisis needs surveyors and spatial planning skills. Developing new housing subdivisions relies on surveyors in their role as the lead land development professionals - driving developments from start to finish through; feasibility, concept design, consenting, infrastructure design and construction to facilitating the delivery of the new titles.”

To celebrate the work of these invisible specialists, the first ever Global Surveyor’s Day is being celebrated 21 March. This is a worldwide event initiated by the National Society of Professional Surveyors, USA and International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) based in Denmark. NZIS and its members are supporting the day’s celebrations throughout New Zealand.