COVID-19 Information

  • 23 March 2020

COVID-19 Information

We are now in  Level 1  of the New Zealand government COVID-19 alert levels.

Alert Level 1 Information for businesses

Contact Tracing Apps Available

      As with many other organisations, S+SNZ continues to work both from National Office and remotely. We can still be contacted on or for urgent matters on 021 337738.

      NZ Government COVID-19 Website
      The COVID-19 government website has excellent relevant and important information for individuals and businesses.

      CSNZ COVID-19 Level 3 and 2 Protocol
      CSNZ has updated their guidance notes to help with preparing your Level 2 COVID-19 Plans.

      CHASNZ New Health and Safety Standards
      The Construction Sector Accord Steering Group (CHASNZ) has approved the release of
      newly developed industry health and safety standards and protocols for operating under
      COVID-19 alert levels.

      Resources and Information

      Keeping yourself and your family healthy

      For some, there may be a measure of concern or anxiety which is completely understandable. We encourage you wherever possible to reach out to your community in the 'virtual space' or via phone for a conversation. There are some excellent support resources available that focus on looking after yourself and your family during this time.