Seven Years of Diamond Partnership

  • 27 July 2020

Seven Years of Diamond Partnership

Seven years since we put a diamond on it

In 2013, Glenn Stone (GSI Managing Director) signed his firm on as Survey and Spatial New Zealand’s first Diamond Partner. He saw an opportunity to improve the insurance options available to our industry and sought to change things by digging deeper and looking further. Seven years later, we’re still working stronger together. And here, he speaks about how his firm has grown since our partnership began.

It’s been nearly a decade since we learnt you weren’t get- ting the cover you needed. But if our years of involvement have taught me one thing, it’s that land surveyors and engineers are always quick to adopt new technology.

This continues to give us the challenge of predicting and researching future changes before they are presented. And over the past seven years, we have seen a vibrant and forward-thinking industry evolve and grow

with the support of Survey and Spatial New Zea- land, its board, council and the many talented professionals and business owners who make up this wonderful industry.

Being so closely aligned with the industry has taught our business to think differently, and it

has given us the confidence to ask underwriters the hard questions when advocating for Survey and Spatial New Zealand members.

Taking the first position as a Diamond Partner wasn’t an easy decision financially for our young company. The sponsorship was more than we were earning annually, but for numerous reasons, we felt a real affinity for the work of land surveyors, engineers and the people involved. Hav- ing assisted a few land surveying and engineering clients to obtain the right cost-effective cover (where previously there had been a lack of options), we took the punt to get involved.

This has also helped us develop habits and policies that have benefited everyone. A prime example being the introduction of drones – a tool rapidly adopted by the industry amongst other commercial professions.

Seeing the potential of this tool based on overseas trends – and after discussions with S+SNZ thought leaders

– we were able to be one of the first firms in New Zealand (if not the first) to bring specific drone and drone liability cover to the market. Moments like these have been incredibly valuable to our business, not just in the surveying and spatial sector.

The success we’ve had working alongside your industry has enabled us to apply our knowledge across a range of businesses and industries. Our insurance offerings remain on the cutting edge of what’s available. And over the years, as more and more members have trusted us to help protect them, our practical knowledge on what could go wrong (and often what does) has enabled our growth and the current focus on enhancing coverage.

These valuable insights have meant our claim acceptance rates for all members, across all policies, are incredibly high; a result we are truly proud of. It’s one that has only come about by deeply understanding your unique and historical industry, and it’s one that we hope will continue to set a standard for what’s expected.

Our commitment from here is to continue being proactive, to keep challenging underwriters, and to always be available to answer questions or hear your ideas. We will also continue to sponsor events and donate to the Kairūri Community Trust to support education within the sector.

If you or your firm have any interest in finding out how we can help protect you from the challenges inherent to your work, we would love to hear from you.

Glenn Stone and the team at GSI Insurance.