Welcome to New Board and Council Members

  • 11 November 2020

Welcome to New Board and Council Members

Elaine McAlister, Campbell Burrows, Kat Salm, Emma Cook, Andrew Perry and Karl Wilton at the 15 October S+SNZ Council meeting.

Dr Alexander was fare welled at the AGM, 5 November. She has been a board member since 2017 and Kat Salm, President thanked her for the considerable contribution she has made to the governance of S+SNZ during her four years as a Board member.

In September we welcomed two new Board members, Elaine McAlister and Adam Musa.

Elaine has joined the board after serving 4 years on the S+SNZ council.
Her background is in both surveying and GIS and has been involved in the
geospatial industry for 25 years. In 2018 Elaine was the recipient of
the NZSEA Professional of the Year Award.

Adam has joined the Board as the Young professional representative. He
is a recent graduate from the University of Otago, completing his BSurv
(Hons) in 2017. Adam became a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor in November
2019 and was the recipient of the Maurice Crompton-Smith Memorial Prize.

The following Council and Board members were announced at the AGM, 5 November.
Council Members

  • Kat Salm - President (term ends AGM 2021)
  • Russell Benge – Vice President (term ends AGM 2021)
  • Michael Cutfield - Engineering Surveying (re-elected, term ends AGM 2021)
  • Karl Wilton - Cadastral (term ends 2021)
  • Campbell Burrows - Land Dev & Urban Design (elected, term ends AGM 2022)
  • Stuart Caie - Hydrography (term ends AGM 2021)
  • Bruce Robinson - Positioning & Measurement (re-elected, term ends AGM 2022)
  • Andrew Clouston - Spatial (term ends AGM 2021)
  • Emma Cook - Young Professionals (term ends AGM 2021)
  • Richard Hemi - Tertiary (term ends AGM 2021)
  • Carl Fox - CSNZ (term ends AGM 2021)
  • Andrew Perry - General Councillor (term ends AGM 2021).

     Board Members

    • Daniel Williams - Voting Member, Chair – re-appointment (term ends 2021)
    • Michelle Bain – Voting Member, (term ends AGM 2023)
    • Mike Benning – Voting Member (term ends AGM 2021)
    • Thomas Gibbons - Independent re-appointment (term ends 2022)
    • Elaine McAlister - Voting member (term ends 2023)
    • Adam Musa – Young Professional (term ends 2023)
    • Kat Salm - President (ex officio).

    Congratulations to all.