A New Paradigm for Seabed Mapping: Ocean Exploration Using Multiple AUVs

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Over the last year, Swire Seabed and Ocean Infinity have been working on a new venture with Ocean Infinity, breaking boundaries within the field of ocean exploration and seabed mapping. The survey spread developed enables more extensive mapping of deep ocean areas than previously possible. The project involves seabed mapping, using multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs), deployed from a single Host Surface Vessel (HSV). Within this presentation, Swire Seabed's role in this project will be explained, and our experiences from survey campaigns to date will be shared.

The seabed mapping project has involved the use of up to 8 Kongsberg Hugin (6000m rated) AUVs, deployed from the HSV. This makes it possible to map a multiple of the survey area compared to the traditional “One Vessel/One AUV” concept of operations. The AUV/USV technology is combined with a deep-water salvage capability and two deep-water ROVs, aboard the HSV, the Swire Seabed Constructor. This diverse spread enables simultaneous operations, where vessel based surveys, site investigations or salvage operations can be undertaken, whilst AUV surveys are underway.

To process the vast amounts of data collected during these operations new automated data processing routines have been developed through collaboration with our software suppliers. The survey spread developed has viewed as an example of a disruptive technology and a “Paradigm Shift” for the collection of seafloor data.

Presented by Al Rumson.

Opening Remarks by Gary Chrisholm & Kevin Smith (NZR Chairman).


Al Rumson is a Hydrographic Surveyor, currently working with data management and analytics. He has worked in the hydrographic industry since 2006. Based primarily in Norway since 2011, working with DOF Subsea and Swire Seabed. Educated in Hydrography at the University of Plymouth, and currently in the final stages of PhD undertaking a study focusing on management of coastal datasets.


Friday, 21st September - 4 PM -NZ Time.

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