Passive Solar Design for Surveyors [Webinar]

by Johann Bernhardt

Live Stream Webinar

Webinar: Passive Solar Design for Surveyors

Friday 02 November, 10am - 11am

Having signed the Paris Climate Agreement of 2017 the NZ government committed the country to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century. This goal is a huge challenge for NZs national and local governments. While it is their job to provide the legislative and regulatory groundwork to support the necessary adaptations, the real challenge has been placed squarely before the NZ public: companies, professionals, community groups and individuals are all required to do their bit. Replacing fossil-fuelled energy generation with renewable energy, achieving energy efficiencies and smarter use of energy are the key components of the challenges faced by everybody.

Architecture and building in NZ have undergone a remarkable change during the last decade. Sustainability is not anymore a worthy but difficult to achieve ambition. While it has become reality in all sectors of the building industry the impression of sustainable buildings leading to higher costs is still widely perceived. But among the many sustainability features applied these days there is one that is truly free while providing huge benefits. This feature is called passive solar design.

Incorporating this design approach in our house designs is a great opportunity to improve the quality of housing in NZ while continually making enormous energy savings. This free gift is based on the unique climate conditions in large parts of NZ. But for architects to be able to apply passive solar design principles certain conditions have to be right. And this is where surveyors play an important role. Size, layout and orientation of building sites are fundamental to the application of passive solar design. All it takes for surveyors to create the opportunities for architects is some basic knowledge of passive solar design.

This presentation introduces these basic principles and shows how to maximise the potential of new sub-division designs to the benefit of clients and our climate.

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