Member's Choice Award

Members Choice Award Purpose

This award honours individuals for their contribution to Survey and Spatial NZ in the survey and spatial field. The contribution may be an innovative use of a new tool, sharing lessons (even “failures”) so others may grow, mentorship, challenge / encouragement, etc. The Member’s Choice Award gives members the opportunity to highlight an individual who has had the greatest influence on their learning, development and operational practice.

Award Criteria

Recipients of this award are nominated by those who have been impacted and influenced directly by the nominee or their body of work. In completing the nomination application, the nominator should address one or more of the following, providing examples of how the nominee:

  • Leverages a particular theory, how it is used and the impact of results
  • Mentors and helps with personal growth, development of individual practice, citing how the relationship came about, how it worked and the difference it made
  • Developed and shared an innovative and / or cutting edge methodology, how it was applied and the impact
  • Is the “go to” resource for tools, techniques, theory, shadow consulting, application, etc.

Award Description

This award is presented when a worthy recipient is identified, and all nominations must come from a S+SNZ member for this award. The award is presented at the S+SNZ Annual Conference.

Member's Choice Award Nomination form