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Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certification Framework

Welcome to Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certification Framework.

The framework provides a recognised professional pathway for members at all levels by developing, implementing, and maintaining, a Certification Framework and Program, with clear eligibility criteria, a public register and mandatory Continuing Professional Development.

The framework is supported by a robust renewal process and quality management system (QMS).

Applications will be accepted from July 2023 and are open exclusively to S+SNZ members. An announcement will come out before this date with detailed information on the cost and process of application.

Questions and Answers

Yes you do have to be a paid S+SNZ Member, however, you don’t have to be a Full/Voting Member to apply for Certification. Both Associate and Voting Members can apply to get certified.

We are aiming to start accepting applications from July 2023 or shortly after. There will be communications coming out when we know the exact date.

There will be an application button on the website when we are ready to accept applications. The application itself is all online. There will be clear instructions on the website and in a Candidate Guide. These will be announced when they are ready to go.

There will be a Candidate Guide available for download. We are aiming for some time in May. This will be announced.

This information will be provided in May/June.

Yes. We have set up a dedicated email address for all enquiries regarding Certification. We welcome all questions and feedback.