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Consulting Surveyors of New Zealand

Consulting Surveyors of New Zealand

CSNZ is a division of S+SNZ catering to the needs of business owners and managers of survey practices in New Zealand. Directors of a company or shareholders with full voting rights are automatically eligible to join. Branch Managers are also eligible with the approval of members in the area in which the applicant practices. You must also be a fully paid-up voting member of S+SNZ.

CSNZ focuses on the business needs and issues of its members and is particularly relevant to new directors joining an existing practice or someone starting up their own business.

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2024 CSNZ Employer Excellence Award

Management Committee

Mike Stott, Chair: (07) 5788798
Paul Turner, Vice-Chair: (04) 9026161 -
Kendall Reid, Northern Region Rep: (09) 3089229 -
Hamish Ross, Central Region Rep: (07) 8716144 -
Lynda Watson, Southern Region Rep: (03) 7568305 -
Don Moir, Southern Region Rep: (03) 2172597 -
Wendy Sheedy, CSNZ Secretary:

Address: CSNZ Secretary, P O Box 41064, Lower Hutt, Wellington 5013.

Annual Workshop

The 2025 Workshop will be held in Auckland, in March 2025, the exact dates and venue are still to be confirmed.

The division runs a very successful annual workshop over three-days. This is an excellent opportunity to socialise with fellow surveyors, discuss business issues with others in similar size practices in different parts of the country and offers good learning opportunities for participants.

For more information about the workshop please click on the following link:

Feedback from the 2024 workshop:

I found the CSNZ workshop to be very enjoyable and highly beneficial. It was great to meet other members from around the country to share ideas and discuss the opportunities and challenges that we are all encountering. The presentations were excellent, particularly those from Dave Wood and Wotton + Kearney. They provided a timely reminder to prioritise balance and ensure we are looking after ourselves as well as our clients, and to check that we are employing reasonable legal safeguards. Looking forward to next year’s workshop in Auckland!

As a first-time attendee to the workshop it was an amazing opportunity to connect with such a great cross section of our industry leaders, share ideas and bond over our passion for doing our best for the profession. Some very thought provoking content made better by being able to openly discuss the themes and current trends with our peers.

CSNZ Annual Scholarships

CSNZ gives one scholarship and two awards annually.

The scholarship is $2,500 towards the National Diploma of Surveying and is awarded once the diploma is completed. The scholarship is awarded to provide financial assistance to employees of CSNZ members in obtaining the National Diploma of Surveying qualification. Applications close on the 30th of November and recipients are notified in March the following year (after the Management Committee held in March).

The awards are for students who are studying Surveying at the Survey school. The total amount awarded is $2,500 and from 2023 it is split as follows to the top students in the following papers:

$1,500 to SURV450 – Professional Practise to the top academic student
$1,000 to SURV306 – Land Tenure to the top academic student

Recipients of the CSNZ National Diploma Scholarship:

2023 Lewis Jones, The Surveying Company (TSC)
2023 Steph Roberts, Cuttris Consultants, Wellington
2022 Marco Subtil De Oliveira, Cuttriss Consultants, Wellington
2022 Matthew Mahutonga, CKL Ltd, Te Awamutu
2021 John Finnigan, Woods, Auckland
2020 Brenna Smith, Wigley and Roberts Ltd, Lower Hutt
2019 Logan Dickie - Cato Bolam, Auckland
2018 Jean-Baptiste Lavigne - Harrison Grierson, Tauranga
2017 David Hayward and Liam Ireton - Lysaght, Tauranga
2017 Peter Latu - RPC Land Surveyors, Auckland
2017 Aimee McCaughan - Nicholson Surveying, Putaruru
2016 Tim Allen - Surveypro, Auckland
2015 Craig Matheson - The Surveying Company, Pukekohe
2014 Jeff Macphail - Landlink, Waikanae
2013 Joshua Notman - Spencer Holmes, Wellington
2012 Phil McCaughan - Nicholson Surveyors, Putaruru
2011 Gareth Dunn - Cheal, Taumarunui
2010 Chris Prebble - Davis Ogilvie, Christchurch
2009 Jayson Tavui - Fraser Thomas, Auckland

Recipients of the Professional Survey SURV450 Award

2023 Eli Darling
2022 Kate Bouwhuis
2021 Jeremiah Er
2020 Kade Phillips

Recipients of the Land Tenure SURV306 Award

2023 Tina Stokes

Link to: NDS Scholarship Application Form

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