Surveying plus Spatial Canterbury Focus Meeting

Branch Meeting

NZIS in partnership with Global Survey present:

A Surveying + Spatial Focus

A networking session aimed at new thinking and new partnerships

Audience:Canterbury Spatial Community and NZIS Members

Date: Wednesday 8 th October

Time: 5pm for 5.30pm start

Cost: No charge meal and first drinks supplied

Venue: The Oak Room, The Atrium, 455 Hagley Ave (parking on the premises)

Max numbers: Limited to 80 (all bookings through


Andrew Burrell Global Survey Geodesy and Laser Scanning Consultant

Case study: Ask yourself? All this new technology. . . What does it all do and how can I utilise it to enhance my current business or expand horizons into new market segments?

Katheryn Salm Spatial Stream Chair (e-Spatial)

A former Cantabrian and now Chair of the NZIS Spatial Stream Kat will look at the way forward and key issues for our profession to tackle.

Hadyn Smith NZIS CEO

Also a former Cantabrian Hadyn will report on the current NZIS focus.


  • 5pm to 5.30pm Networking

  • 5.30pm Welcome by Canterbury Chair Shane Dixon

  • 5.35pm Case study: Andy Burrell (Global Survey) + Q & A

  • 6.05pm Spatial update: Katheryn Salm + Q & A

  • 6.35pm NZIS update: Hadyn Smith + Q & A

  • 7pm Closing comments and urgent General Business

  • 7.15pm Meal, drinks and networking

    Presentation by Andy Burrell - Global Survey

Qualifications: Associate Degree in Spatial Science from USQ


In todays world, technology advances so quickly through all business modules, causing both excitement and apprehension. This is indeed relevant in our spatial industry with the past 10 years seeing a snowball of new measurement devices and software readily available to the spatial professional. It may seem, at times, hard to keep up, as well as to understand how to apply these technologies into your current business. Also as a company decision maker, it is important to understand how all these advancements and cost reductions can be integrated into your practice to bring in new business, advance efficiency of current workflows and keep up with the market trends.

I would like to discuss briefly two areas of development often seen as too bigger hurdle for companies to enter market segments. These are point clouds and automatic monitoring systems for deformation. Point clouds are here, scanner, UAV and Mobile Mapping pricing is coming down, total stations are providing quality point clouds and many packages across, many scopes are utilising these datasets. As a spatial business it is important to understand how this market trend can help grow your business and what great deliverables point clouds can offer your clients.

Especially relevant in Christchurch is the utilisation of automated monitoring systems providing comprehensive datasets, real time alerts and much more.

I will be discussing some setup configurations, management and output of these systems so you can quote jobs accordingly and hopefully offer a point of difference for your business.

Look forward to discussing some interesting projects and how we can help tackle them with the latest products and experienced team to ultimately grow your business.

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  • 22/09/2014 - 08/10/2014
  • 17:00 - 20:30
  • Canterbury   The Atrium, 455 Hagley Ave   Christchurch   Canterbury   NZ