S+SNZ Board Member Opportunities

  • 22 January 2022
  • Kat Salm, President
  • Mostly Online and occasional Wellington meetings

About the job

S+SNZ Board Member Opportunities


We are looking for two new Board members to help us remain at the forefront of the sector. As a member organisation, we are dedicated to the survey and spatial professionals in New Zealand.

  • Independent Board Member
  • Board Member (must be a Voting member of Survey and Spatial NZ)

For the successful applicants, there are multiple benefits. The experience will help develop your career and the opportunities available to you. It will give you the opportunity to increase your networks and have a positive impact on the organisation.

Applications are welcomed from anyone who has a particular interest - you may be an advocate for young people, different community groups or the spatial sector. We are looking for people with a variety of backgrounds to make up a Board with diversity that delivers Survey and Spatial NZ Council’s priorities and expectations.

In these roles you will be involved in setting the direction and monitoring management’s performance on behalf of the Council and stakeholders. Board member skills must cover commercial and business experience, governance, risk management, strategic planning and an understanding of the sector.

The Independent Board Member does not need to be a member of S+SNZ Applications however, applications from all S+SNZ professional stream members are welcome.

This is a voluntary appointment for a term of three years, with the opportunity for appointment to a further term. There are six directors in total.

For further information please contact the Board Chair at chair@surveyspatialnz.org

All applications are confidential and must contain an applicant’s CV and be received by Ashley Church, CEO admin@surveyspatialnz.org by 21 January 2021