New Certification Framework Launch!

Photo provided by Carl Salmons, Director of Maven and one of the certification programme's Land Development Engineering Assessors.

It is with great excitement that we announce the official launch of our long-awaited Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certification Framework. This achievement is the result of a 2-year Certification Development Project, including a successful Pilot Program in 2022.

The purpose of this new framework is to provide a recognised professional pathway for members at all levels, with clear eligibility criteria, a public register and mandatory Continuing Professional Development, supported by a robust renewal process and a quality management system.

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted from July 2023 and are open exclusively to S+SNZ members. An announcement will come out before this date with detailed information on the cost and process of

Under the new framework we will initially provide Certification for Engineering Surveyors (Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor) and Land Development Engineers (Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certified Professional Land Development Engineer).

Over time, it is our hope that the Certification framework will be expanded to include other professions within our membership.

Why Engineering Surveying?

Engineering Surveying is an unregulated industry in New Zealand and this new Certification is the first step to providing recognition of professional and technical competency for NZ Engineering Surveyors. It will provide quality assurance for employers, clients, and third parties and provide a new career pathway for our members. Read more

Why Land Development Engineering?

This new Certification is the first in NZ for Professional Land Development Engineers. It assesses to a high standard, providing recognition of current professional and technical competency in Civil Engineering as it relates to Land Development. It also aligns with the intent of MBIE’s new ‘Occupational Regulation of Engineers’ Act which is due to be passed this year, 2023. Read more

How will the Certification Framework and Certifications of Professional and Technical Competence be kept current?

The Certification Framework includes a 4 yearly Reassessment of Competency, an Annual Practising Certificate with compulsory Continuing Professional Development and an annual commitment to ethics and professional best practice.

The Certifications of Competence are formal recognition by S+SNZ New Zealand of those who have been assessed against a defined set of professional and technical competencies which meet standards and technical sign-off criteria required by private and public asset owners, Territorial and Local Authorities and other such entities.

Annual Practising Certificates

The Annual Practising Certificate as a Survey and Spatial New Zealand Certified Professional Engineering Surveyor and the Annual Practising Certificate as a Survey and Spatial New Zealand Professional Land Development Engineer will set a quality benchmark for the industry to maintain public confidence across key areas in which they practice.

What is happening with RPSurv?

At present there is no change to RPSurv. It currently runs separately to the new Certification Framework and or Certification Assessment Processes. A review of RPSurv is underway at present and we will be communicating further on this as the review and recommendations progress.

More Information

We will be providing regular email updates, ‘Get Certified’ and ‘Stay Certified’ webinars, interactive Zoom sessions along with ongoing updates on our S+SNZ websites and which will include copy, downloadable content, and from July, an integrated application form and process that connects to Member Profiles and log in. 

A dedicated email address has been set up for the programme: .

Bruce Walker from BN Walker Surveying - a key member of the programme development team.