Article - Dr Hochstetter's Lost Survey

Written by Rex Bunn, Independent Researcher; Nick Davies and David Stewart of Cheal Consultants, Rotorua this article details the first survey of the central North Island undertaken in 1859 by a team led by Dr Ferdinand von Hochstetter, who was visiting New Zealand with the Austrian Novara expedition. The colonial government commissioned surveyors Julius Haast and Drummond Hay, along with cartographer Augustus Koch, to join Hochstetter in a 21-strong party. The project took three months and surveyed 10,000 square miles (259,000 hectares) and 200 peaks across the North Island


Hochstetter could not know that his survey would be the only one of old Lake Rotomahana and of the Pink and White Terraces, which had achieved worldwide fame as NewZealand’seighth wonder oft he world and within a decade was producing the first tourist boom for the young country.

Makatiti Plateau in 1878-1880 (Photo by F. A. Coxhead, Te Papa 0.031022).

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Hochstetter's Lost Survey

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27 Jun 2018
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