GIS Mapping with Maori Groups & Community Projects

GIS Mapping with Māori Groups and Community Projects

By Duane Wilkins, Senior Adviser. Geospatial Capability Building, LINZ.

(Published in Surveying+Spatial Magazine Issue 103, Nov 2020)

GIS mapping tools can help Māori groups visualise their connections to the land, communicate
stories, and gather knowledge about a group’s history, the landscape and its
natural resources.
Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is supporting Māori and community groups
to increase their capability to access and use geospatial information. Over the coming
months, the geospatial capability team at LINZ is partnering with members of the Māori
GIS Association and others to facilitate a series of online step-by-step tutorials based on
many of the shared key interests of Māori communities. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Working with Māori and local communities to grow their geospatial capability is a
rewarding experience. We thought it would be useful to share with you some of the
interests these groups have that can be represented in maps.

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GIS Mapping with Maori Groups

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