CSNZ Leadership and Employer Excellence Award

Employer Excellence Award

CSNZ has created an Employer Excellence Award to recognise and promote businesses that are leaders in the profession and demonstrate exceptional people practices that puts people at the heart of their businesses and culture. These businesses create a workplace that focuses on employee well-being, supportive environments, employee development and implemented employee-focused initiatives creating high levels of employee satisfaction which have contributed to their outstanding success. By recognising businesses who demonstrate Employer Excellence characteristics, it is intended the CSNZ award will inspire other businesses innovate and create their own work places of excellence.


This award is part of the S+SNZ Excellence Awards that will be presented at the 2024 conference GSI Awards Evening in Napier, 29 August 2024.

2023 CSNZ Leadership Excellence Award

This award, introduced in as part of the 2023 S+SNZ Excellence Awards programme, recognises member companies or individual who demonstrate an aptitude for and commitment to professional growth and provided leadership that is impactful, effective, motivational, and consistent.

Award eligibility criteria:

  • Nominated companies or individuals must be a current member of CSNZ.
  • Nominations can be made by the nominee or a third party.
  • The example(s) which is the subject of the nomination must have been worked on within 36 months preceding the submission, though not necessarily completed.
  • Nominations must be based on at least one, but no more than three examples within the 36 months prior (nominating party to select).
  • Only one submission can be made from a company including any team or employee.
  • Nominations must be submitted via the online submission platform.
  • Nomination must be accompanied by a 100-word summary for promotion purposes.
  • Information provided within the submission may be used by CSNZ for the purpose of the judging or promotion of the award. Any confidential information must be clearly stated within the submission.
  • The jury panel’s decision on eligibility of the nominations shall be final and is non-appealable.
  • Any category which receives less than 2 nominations will not be awarded a winner, exceptions made at the Judge’s discretion.