NZGD2000 deformation model - what is it and how should I use it?


The NZGD2000 deformation model - what is it and how should I use it?

The NZGD2000 datum includes a deformation model that defines the offset between the NZGD2000 coordinates of marks and where they actually are. With 15 years of steady deformation and several major earthquakes since the datum was established, it is increasingly important to take account of deformation for high accuracy work. Failing to do this can result in errors of nearly 1 metre in absolute position, and 10ppm in relative position. Surveyors and other Spatial professionals should understand the NZGD2000 deformation model and be aware of when they may need to take account of deformation.

The workshop starts with an introduction to the type of deformation that has recently occurred in New Zealand and the role of the deformation model in producing stable coordinates. We will cover some of the features that have been introduced in the new deformation model (i.e. reverse and forward patches) and the implications that this has on coordinates in the South Island. The primary aim of the workshop is to get attendees to a level where they feel reasonably confident using the deformation model in their work. The course does this by introducing a series of practical tools to transform coordinates from pre to post-earthquake values and vice versa.

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