Approval for ASaTS To Go Ahead

  • 25 October 2018

Approval for ASaTS To Go Ahead

Cabinet has just approved the ASaTS business case to modernise New Zealand’s land information platform and services. LINZ has been given the green light for the option it recommended, which is to progressively rebuild Landonline.

LINZ believes this is the best option to deliver benefits for their customers, reduce risks and meet expectations in terms of both quality and cost, resulting in a reliable, available and secure platform.

LINZ thoroughly considered two options for improving New Zealand’s land information platform and services. One was to use Landonline as the starting point (rebuild it), the other was to extend from an international supplier’s existing platform. Although both options were viable, working from Landonline enables LINZ to have more control and greater flexibility to meet customer needs.

The new system will be delivered in four stages, known as tranches, over five years with a deliberately phased approach to scaling up, and bringing the skills and practices together for successful delivery.

By the end of tranche 1 (mid 2020), the following new services will be in place:

  • Web-based search – this will give New Zealanders the real-time ability to search for and purchase products such as Certificate of Titles and Survey plans, directly from the LINZ website
  • Search API (Application Programming Interface) – this will enable others to connect their websites and software directly to Landonline to search and purchase products
  • Notice of sale – this gives conveyancing professionals the ability to automatically notify territorial authorities that a sale has occurred when they have transferred a title in Landonline
  • Notice to mortgagee – this is the ability for banks/lenders to receive automated system notification when mortgages are registered.

Nick Stillwell is S+SNZ's Lead Consulting Surveyor on the project and is responsible for communicating and providing feedback from the sector to the ASaTS team to ensure that we take the opportunity to deliver a solution that will be able to respond to the changing demands of the sector in the future.

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